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Cím:7100 Szekszárd, Rákóczi u. 146.
Tel.: 74/ 528-528
Fax.: 74/ 528-530
Mobil: +36 30/33-11-111, +36 20/222-11-33, +36 70/77-11-333
E-mail: info@tolnagro.hu

Dr. Bíró Tamás
Mobil: +36 30/33-22-222

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Sebestyén Miklós
Mobil: +36 30/494-82-75
E-mail: Levél küldés

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The Hungarian website of Practivet CD-Rom already contains the changes to the first edition. According to the interest of our guests we give some new information about the pharmaceutical industry, veterinary science, financial events and computer world as well.

On the "Újdonságok (News)" page can be found the new products, the modifications etc. Of course it is available to search for words, but for this our guests must register themselves. The introduction of use can be loaded to every one of products. The source of data is naturally authentic: The Ministry of Agriculture, the Hungarian registration authority.

The website, which is called Practivet Portal, gives the opportunity of some particular function, for example on-line refreshing of database, newsletter etc.