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Cím:7100 Szekszárd, Rákóczi u. 146.
Tel.: 74/ 528-528
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Dr. Bíró Tamás
Mobil: +36 30/33-22-222

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Sebestyén Miklós
Mobil: +36 30/494-82-75
E-mail: Levél küldés

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Practivet CD-Rom
Veterinary product database and information system

The veterinary vademecums are the part of our daily work. We search for names, we use tables, and we try to find the most suitable formulation, drug or presentation.

Allowing for the dynamic development of the veterinary science, the growing number of the preparations, the new regulations, more and more tightening, searching possibilities become necessary. The computer opens new dimensions in this area too.

The Practivet CD-rom 1.0 is a unique vet-pharmaceutical publication in Hungary...

... it is unique technically, as a CD-Rom, as a computerised database in the field of the veterinary preparations.

... it is unique in the respect of freshness. The database is quick and complete updateable.

... it is unique as a practic vet-vademecum, which provides the possibility of selection and comparison of the specified products, product-groups in seconds.

... it is unique in the respect of information content, of storage capacity. It contains the indication for use of each existing products on the Hungarian market and the data of producers and distributors as well.

Our aim is to provide the most information about the vet-medicines, vaccines, vitamins, feed-additives, and disinfections, with an easy and practic tool, keep the changes continuously, up-to-date in view.